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Infections can develop anywhere in your mouth. From tooth decay to gum disease. Many infections only last a few days – especially those that are common in childhood, while others can be more advanced and can stick around much longer.

No matter what the condition of your mouth is, visit Skypointe Dental to resolve your problem. It could be a dental emergency.

Are you dealing with an oral infection in Calgary NE?

Care for oral infections, swelling, and bleeding gums

As with all infections, an oral infection should be treated as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of complications. Salt water mouth rinses can ease the pain while waiting to see the dentist.

We will pinpoint the cause of the infection and treat accordingly, bringing back desired comfort and health.

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Preventing dental infections

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To help prevent infections from occurring in your mouth, we recommend regular twice-a-year visits for up-to-date exams, dental cleanings, and x-rays. A good oral hygiene habit is the first primary and essential step in preventing infections.

When children are taught from early on to create these habits, it helps them keep healthy mouths and teeth.

  • Brush teeth thoroughly at least twice a day or after meals
  • Floss teeth at least once a day
  • Don’t over brush
  • Don’t use teeth to open packaging or break a string, for example, to avoid teeth cracks, chips, or breaks
  • Have dental cleanings and checkups at least twice a year
  • Watch for any signs of infection after receiving dental work

Are you in pain?

Treat a dental emergency right away to avoid more pain.
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Oral infection in Calgary NE

We understand that dental infections can cause many to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Infections are common, especially in children, and we practice a no-judgement policy. Our dentist Country Hills Calgary, is prepared to accept emergency dental appointments. We value the comfort and wellness of all our patients.

Call Skypointe Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jay Patel and elevate your health!

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