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Tooth decay can crop up in your family despite your best efforts

Allow us to help your teeth, mouth, and gums stay healthy by treating your cavities with mercury-free fillings.

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Are you looking for white fillings in Calgary NE?

Family Dentistry 

Dr. Patel believes in the constant search for innovative dental practices and technology. These discoveries are what elevate his reasons to provide your family with excellent and practical dentistry.

Innovation, comfort, family

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Mercury-free and BPA-free fillings

With regular dental checkups, we will catch cavities before they become significant issues. White fillings ensure that after removing the decay or staining, the filling is polished to look and feel natural. It’s almost impossible to see that the tooth had to be restored!

Our team uses white fillings Calgary NE routinely to treat dental decay, broken teeth, misshapen teeth, and to replace old silver fillings. Your teeth will be kept looking natural and healthy. Our focus on the connection between your oral health and overall wellness means that you and your family will be the center of our attention when you visit.


Be proactive, fix your cavities

We believe that oral health is a large component of your overall wellness.

This why we are mercury free.

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