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Learn about SureSmile clear braces

Are you looking for Suresmile clear braces Calgary NE?

We offer Suresmile clear braces for adults and kids

Barely visible, you don’t have to worry about wires or brackets
Can effectively correct bite issues, straighten teeth, and close gap
Aligned teeth are easier to clean, preventing decay, tooth loss, and gum disease
Less tenderness because there are no pressure from wires

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Dr. Patel believes in the constant search for innovative dental practices and technology. These discoveries are what elevate his reasons to provide your family with excellent and practical dentistry.

What can I expect during my SureSmile treatment?

Clear Braces Calgary NE

With precision and your comfort in mind, here’s how your custom clear braces work.

  1. A 3-D model of your teeth is created that allows us to analyze your bite from every angle possible.
  2. Your dentist, Dr. Jay Patel, determines your optimal and completely customized treatment plan.
  3. Using this model and our reliable planning software, movement of each tooth is calculated with unparalleled precision
  4. Your custom clear bracs are made using industry leading plastic materials.


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Suresmile clear braces vs traditional braces

Traditional braces use wires and brackets attached to the teeth, while clear braces use a series of trays that are moulded to fit the teeth and subtly shift them over time. Dr. Jay Patel: “Braces, no matter the type, usually take at least a year to straighten teeth”.

Depending on the case, this can extend to 2 or 3 years for extremely crooked smiles.


Do clear braces really work?

Although some soreness is expected with any orthodontic treatment, most patients who wear Suresmile clear braces say they experience less tenderness and discomfort. The reason for this is the custom fit trays.

We will send you a sequence of aligners that are changed weekly, moving the teeth with each one. As your teeth adjust to each new aligner, the discomfort subsides. The key to minimizing the discomfort and keeping your treatment on track is to wear your aligners as much as possible!

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