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What do we mean by

Elevated Family Dentistry?

Dr. Jay Patel opened Skypointe Family Dental with one main word and goal in mind – elevation and innovation.

Dr. Patel believes in the constant search for innovative dental practices and technology. These discoveries are what elevate his reasons to provide your family with excellent and practical dentistry. Innovation is also the catalyst which elevates his capabilities as a professional in the community of NE Calgary.

As a loving husband to his wife, Caryn, and father to his young family, Dr. Patel understands the need to provide families like yours with safe and regular dental care. This is the crux of his elevate mission.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Test Drive Your Smile

In a perfect world, we can try things out before committing to major investments. That’s why you can “Test Drive Your Smile” at Skypointe Dental before any restorations or cosmetic dentistry is done.

Calgary NE

Are you dealing with a dental emergency?

If you’re in pain, it’s most likely you need an emergency dentist. We offer a full range of treatments that can get you back to tip-top shape – you will not be referred elsewhere. We’ll care for you in house.

We’re ready for…
Dental injuries or trauma
Tooth cracks and chips
Root canals
Dental injuries or trauma
Tooth cracks and chips
Root canals
Tooth replacements
Oral infection or swelling
Tooth replacements
Oral infection or swelling

Elevating innovative dental technology

At our dental clinic in Calgary NE, we strive to provide superior and professional care in our area. Our services cover a multitude of age-appropriate and dental needs.

Our methods and specialties include:

Dental Implants

We offer long-lasting missing teeth solutions. We’re implants ready.

Invisalign and SureSmile Aligners

Get straight teeth without painful braces. Clear aligners are simple, yet effective, and can get you the smile of you dreams.

Matrix+ Sleep Test

This Calgary-based technology is the only home sleep test on the market that can accurately tell if you can be treated without the CPAP.

Skypointe Dental is also ready as your emergency dentist Calgary NE.
We can offer you dental implants and root canals – all in one office location.

Think current. Think care. Think elevated.
Skypointe Dental’s focus is not limited to your teeth. We see the bigger picture:
your oral health is a large component to your dental and overall wellness.

This is why we offer a full range of services from dental implants to sleep apnea treatments.
See what we can do.

We are North Calgary

The north is growing! We’re happy to be establishing our family dentist office here in Skypointe. We’re ready to elevate dentistry, Calgary!

Call, send us a Facebook message on our chat, or leave us a message.
We’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Are you looking for a family dentist in Calgary NE? Skypointe Dental could be the right fit for you…



Opened in November 2019, Calgary NE dentist Dr. Jay Patel at Skypointe Dental has become a trusted dental clinic Calgary NE serving the communities of Skyview, Skypointe, Country Hills, Redstone, Cityscape and Cornerstone. Whether you are bringing your family in for a regular hygiene visit or you are dealing with a dental emergency Calgary NE, Dr. Patel and the dental team are looking forward to meeting you. Experience what Elevated Dentistry is all about.


Which services do we offer at our dental clinic calgary NE?

General & Family Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Dental Hygienist
Snoring Sleep Apnea Treatment
Dental Emergency
Sedation Dentistry
Dentistry for Seniors
Dental Financing 



Overview of Services at our dental office Calgary NE

Family Dentistry

Dr. Jay Patel, family dentist Calgary NE, provides pediatric (kids) dentistry and adult dental services. All ages are welcome.

Dental Hygiene
 – Protect what you have and help prevent what you don’t want
Kids Dentistry – Help your child become a lifelong star at oral hygiene
White fillings – Help your teeth, mouth, and gums stay healthy by treating your cavities with mercury-free fillings
Root Canal – Rescuing you from toothaches and pain
Tooth Extractions – Sometimes a broken, decayed, or fractured tooth is beyond repair
Wisdom Teeth Extraction – It does not need to be a scary experience!
Root Canal Treatment – Rescuing you from toothaches and pain
Dental Crowns and Bridges – Allow missing or damaged teeth to look and act normal again
One Visit Crowns – Just one day. It’s worth the wait!
Sports Guard – Do you grind or clench your teeth at night?
Sedation Dentistry – Got broken or hurting teeth, but have a fear of the dentist?
Dental Implants – Replace missing teeth with a long lasting solution by dental implants dentist calgary ne



Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Veneers – The #1 restoration for missing teeth
Teeth Whitening – We offer teeth brightening solutions
Smile Makeover – With Digital Smile Design
Dental Veneers – Fix tooth stains and chipped teeth
Removable Dentures – If you are missing teeth, you’re not alone. Young and old experience the loss of teeth


Dental Problems

Bad Breath/ Gingivitus – Covering your mouth or keeping your distance from others?
Filling Large Cavities – Avoid further damage
Missing Teeth – Solutions for gaps and replacing teeth
Bleeding Gums – The number one cause of bleeding, inflamed gums is gum disease
TMJ – you don’t need to continue suffering from jaw pain



Kids Braces – Lots of options to get those straight teeth!
Suresmile invisible braces – More than just clear braces
Invisalign clear braces – Get those teeth straight!
Adult Braces – Invisalign offer invisible braces


Dental Emergency

Toothache – Less aching, more relief
Broken Tooth – Fix it immediately by emergency dentist Calgary NE
Dental Trauma & Injury – How to deal with a dental emergency
Oral Infection & Swelling – Prevent dental infections
Cracked or Broken Dentures – A broken denture can be a major concern

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Jay Patel, Sleep apnea dentist Calgary NE, is knowledgeable in the application of sleep apnea treatments. Patients generally feel claustrophobic when they sleep with their CPAPs or ditch the treatment because of the discomfort. Discover a non-invasive, dental CPAP alternative.

Snoring Devices– Keeping your spouse awake at night?
Sleep Apnea Appliances – Sleep apnea can be very dangerous for your health

Dentistry for Seniors

To help maintain healthy, long-lasting smiles for seniors, we are offer cleanings at our dental hygiene clinic in AgeCare Skypointe.

Dental Financing Calgary NE

Don’t let finances stand in the way of your smile. We’ve partnered with Pay360 so we can help you get the dental treatment you need now with the option to pay later.

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