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A safe and fast way to spruce up your smile

Stains and discoloration build up naturally on teeth over time and dull smiles. Cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening can boost your self-confidence and give you that extra spring in your step.

Our dental office offers an affordable technique of teeth whitening Calgary NE, which can revitalize your smile to provide oral confidence with comfortable procedures.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Can boost your self-confidence
Can enhance your overall appearance
Safe, comfortable, and a personalized treatment
Can Improve first impressions


Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Patel believes in the constant search for innovative dental practices and technology. These discoveries are what elevate his reasons to provide your family with excellent and practical dentistry. Innovation is also the catalyst which elevates his capabilities as a professional in the community of NE Calgary.

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Skypointe Dental’s teeth whitening solution

Teeth whitening Calgary NE

Using a special light and activated gel, a session is done in as little as 30 minutes. This form of teeth whitening delivers notably faster results than at-home treatments.

With the use of the Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening, teeth can be whitened up to eight shades in 45 minutes. The pH booster in the whitening gel and the LED technology, accelerates the whitening process, delivering noticeable results just after one visit.

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Experience comprehensive family dental care in our welcoming and comfortable Country Hills dental office.

We offer a wide range of other cosmetic dental treatments that are proven to impress all while keeping your total wellness in mind.

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