A dental emergency like a chipped tooth or an irritating toothache can put a wrench in your day. Even if you don’t experience debilitating pain, you still have to take time out of your day to care for the emergency.

With such busy lives, it can be easy to try and cut corners instead of scheduling an appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Calgary NE or dropping in for an emergency. However, let’s take a look at why taking dental shortcuts can do more harm than good.

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Dental Emergency Faux Pas – What Not to Do

Here are just a few of the common dental emergency don’ts your Calgary dentist NE sees on a regular basis.

Don’t Try to Fix a Broken Tooth on Your Own

When a tooth breaks, whether it’s a natural tooth or a denture tooth, people will often try to fix the problem on their own. Especially if they’re not experiencing any pain.

One of the most common products used to fix a broken tooth (or recement a crown that’s come off) is superglue. Two reasons why you should keep superglue as far away as possible from your teeth:

  • It can cause more damage: Superglue is not made to adhere to living tissues like dental cement. Placing glue on a tooth will basically suffocate it, cutting off nerve, blood, and nutrient supply to the tooth. The result: The nerve will die, requiring root canal treatment or extraction.
  • It’s not a medical-grade material: Non-medical grade materials aren’t sterile, which means you can introduce bacteria into the tooth. The bacteria will attack the tooth and the nerve, leading to a dental infection – another issue that can lead to either root canal treatment or an extraction.

Don’t Scrub or Wrap a Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

A tooth that’s been knocked out is still a live tooth. It can be tempting to scrub or wrap the tooth, but you will just damage the tooth. You’ll end up drying the tooth out, which can kill the nerve and make it un-restorable.

Don’t Wait to See Your Country Hills Dentist

There are many reasons why you might be tempted to put off seeing your Calgary dentist NE – money, fear, thinking your problem isn’t really an “emergency,” etc.

The problem with waiting to see your dentist is that you can end up with more damage down the road, which can lead to more complex dental visits and higher dental costs.

What to Do Instead: Tips from an Emergency Dentist in Calgary NE

Here’s what your emergency dentist in Calgary NE, Dr. Jay Patel, would rather you do when you experience an emergency.

Knocked-Out Tooth

  • Do not touch the root of the tooth
  • Rinse the tooth in water (for less than 10 seconds) if visibly dirty
  • If you can’t reinsert the tooth, put it into a small container, add some milk, and cover
  • Take the tooth with you to your Skypointe dentist immediately

Cracked Tooth

  • Avoid chewing on that tooth
  • If you’re bleeding, gently bite on some gauze or a tissue
  • Apply a cold compress to your cheek if you experience swelling
  • Contact your Country Hills dentist right away

Broken/Fractured Tooth

  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication if you’re experiencing pain
  • Schedule an evaluation with an emergency dentist in Calgary NE

Toothache? Broken Tooth? Contact Your Calgary Dentist NE ASAP

Scheduling a healthcare appointment can be frustrating at times – it seems like it takes forever to be seen. If you have a dental emergency, though, you are the top priority of the team at Skypointe Dental, your Skyview dentist office.

Skypointe Dental accepts walk-in emergency appointments. The team wants to get you out of pain and help you prevent further dental damage, so you don’t need to call to schedule ahead of time.

Are you experiencing dental discomfort? Contact us right away! We’ll help you find a solution to your pain whether your issue is a broken tooth or an underlying issue.

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