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Worried about the cost of adult braces?

Worried about the cost of adult braces?

You have always wanted that perfect smile, and you know there are adult braces that could improve your smile dramatically. But you wonder, how much are braces? Especially the invisible aligners?

Meanwhile, you don’t like to smile because of your crooked teeth. You are self-conscious in social settings, and dread family photos when someone says, “Say cheese!” The word “braces” conjures up memories of friends in high school being called “metal mouth.” So, have you been putting off the decision to get adult braces because of the cost?

The Scoop on Adult Braces

Adults often require braces to straighten crowded teeth or address spaces between teeth.
Sometimes, braces are necessary to correct an overbite or underbite which is damaging the teeth when they meet. Some people have an open bite which is when the teeth do not align properly when the jaws are closed. All of these issues can be addressed by adult braces.

Dental technology has advanced so that we no longer need to suffer from metal wires which can be painful, and trap food that makes brushing a challenge. There are now several types of invisible aligners that can straighten teeth in less time, without the hassle of metal braces, and do so invisibly. Adults in particular don’t want to look like they are wearing braces. SureSmile invisible aligners are customized using 3-D imaging to straighten your teeth. And here is the best part.


Dr. Patel believes beautiful smiles should be affordable and accessible

When Dr. Patel was young, his teeth were all over the place, so he understands what it is like to have a crooked smile. As a certified SureSmile provider, Dr. Patel has helped hundreds of patients get the smile they deserve. He knows that many people need braces to fix functional problems, but even more could benefit from them to straighten their teeth and feel good in their careers and social life.

Because Dr. Patel wants to help, he keeps costs low and works within your budget. SureSmile adult braces are more affordable than you might think.

Here is Dr. Patel’s plan:

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  1. Let’s find out if SureSmile invisible braces are right for you.
  2. Get your free consultation with him and go over your options.
  3. Get that great and affordable smile you’ve always wanted.

Stop walking around with crooked teeth and worrying about the cost of adult braces. Don’t worry about frequent appointments that will take up your valuable family or work time. SureSmile invisible aligners are done digitally which provides you with a faster, more predictable timeline. And don’t worry about struggling with brushing, flossing, and eating around typical braces.


Let’s find an affordable solution for your smile

Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! And get that beautiful smile in a timely manner
with minimal appointments. Enjoy not looking like you are wearing braces, brushing, and
flossing with ease and eating that new gastro pub food!

Learn more about SureSmile aligners

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