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Dental Financing Solutions at Skypointe Dental

When you need dental treatment, but "now" is financially not the right time for you, you're not alone. Thousands of Albertans utilize NE Calgary dental financing options to make their dental treatment possible when they actually need it. We have a dental financing solution for you. Contact us today.

SkyPointe Dental Clinic provides health-focused dental care for the Calgary NE communities of SkyView Ranch, Country Hills, Redstone, CityScape, Cornerstone, and Cornerbrook.

Why do we offer dental financing at Skypointe Dental? It's simple: To make dentistry affordable to you.

Worried about being able to afford a dental emergency such as a broken tooth, serious tooth pain, dental implant, or needing major dental work? Have you wondered if there are flexible payments or a dental payment plan with a family dentist in Calgary NE?

Finances are already tight for many people, and unexpected or major dental treatments are often only partially covered by regular dental plans. Credit card interest rates are high, and you may be concerned that dental expenses are going to add to your financial woes. You might be worried about your dental problems getting worse, and ultimately more expensive if you leave them unaddressed.

We believe finances should not stand in the way of your smile

Finances shouldn’t stand in the way of treating dental emergencies or treatments not covered by dental insurance.

At Skypointe Dental, we believe that everyone deserves to get the dental treatments they need with quick and easy dental financing. For many years, our dentists have helped hundreds of patients get the dental care that they need. Skypointe Dental in Calgary adheres to the Alberta Dental Association fee guide.

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We believe that


always come first.

Our #1 is

What is LendCare?

LendCare is a dental financing plan which enables our patients to get the dental treatment they need today and to pay later. Payment plans are financed like a loan with equal monthly payments as low as $30 a month. Affordable payments have low-interest rates starting at 0%. Patients can save even more with unique access to promotional offers.

The two plans are the LendCare Financing Plan and the LendCare Plus Financing Plan. Your individual credit situation will determine the plan you may qualify for.

With the LendCare Financing Plan, the loan amounts are $250 to $10,000 with no interest and no payments for 3 payments, followed by equal payments with interest at 29.99%. The loan term is 9 to 48 months.

With the LendCare Plus Financing Plan, the loan amounts are the same, with no interest and no payments for 3 to 12 months followed by equal payments with interest at 19.99%. The loan term is 3 to 36 months.

Imagine if you didn’t have to be concerned about finances if you need dental implants, or an emergency bridge for a sports injury, or invisible braces for your teenager. With LendCare, you can access an affordable, flexible payment plan that takes that concern away.

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Everyone is welcome here!

At Skypointe Dental, we are here to serve Families, Friends, and Neighbours! We love our multi-cultural community, and we reflect that in our dental practice in Calgary NE by also offering our services in Hindi, Punjabi, and Arabic. 

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3 Simple Steps

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Call, email,
or visit us.

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the difference.

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Live a
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Doubts about Dental Financing?

Don't Stay in Maybe Later Mode

  • Stop dealing with pain or discomfort
  • Avoid more expensive dental problems in the future
  • Don’t worry about hefty dental bills
  • Quit putting off necessary treatments
  • End the search for affordable dentistry

Shift Into Self-Care Mode!

  •  Take control of your oral health
  • Act now to address dental issues
  • Apply for a LendCare payment plan
  • Book the treatments you need
  • Enjoy affordable, flexible dental care

Let us help you feel confident about your smile and finances!

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SkyPointe Dental serves the Calgary NE communities of SkyView, Country Hills, Redstone, CityScape, Cornerstone, Cornerbrook, and SkyPointe.

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