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Welcome to a journey through the transformative world of dental implants at Skypointe Dental, where tradition meets modern innovation. Nestled in the heart of Calgary NE, our clinic is more than just a dental practice; it's a place where diverse cultural paths converge, and personalized dental care is paramount.

Here, we understand that getting dental implants is more than a procedure—it's a step towards reclaiming your smile, confidence, and the joy of life's simple pleasures. Join us as we explore how dental implants can be your gateway to a renewed sense of self and well-being.

A Brief History of Dental Implants

The history of dental implants is a captivating tale of innovation and progress. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations experimented with rudimentary implants made from bamboo or metal. This early ingenuity laid the groundwork for a journey towards today's sophisticated solutions. Over the centuries, the quest for durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing dental replacements continued, leading to significant breakthroughs in the 20th century.

The introduction of titanium implants in the 1950s marked a turning point, offering unprecedented compatibility with human bone. Today, dental implants are a pinnacle of dental technology, providing safe, effective, and long-lasting solutions to tooth loss. This evolution is a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of improving oral health.

Technology and Innovation at Skypointe Dental

At Skypointe Dental, the technology behind dental implants is a blend of innovation and patient-centered care. Utilizing advanced imaging and precision crafting tools, they ensure each implant is perfectly tailored to the individual's needs. This technology significantly enhances the accuracy of implant placement, minimizing discomfort and speeding up recovery.

Patients benefit from a smoother procedure and a more comfortable experience, with results that feel natural and are built to last. These technological advancements reflect Skypointe Dental's commitment to providing top-tier dental care, making the journey to a perfect smile both efficient and reassuring.

The Personal Touch: Community Stories

At Skypointe Dental, heartwarming stories abound from patients within the Arabic, Punjabi, and Hindi-speaking communities who have received dental implants. These narratives are not just about dental restoration, but about personal transformation.

One patient, an avid storyteller in the Punjabi community, shared how implants restored not just his teeth, but his confidence to speak in public again. Another, a grandmother, expressed joy at being able to enjoy family meals without discomfort. Each story is a testament to the profound impact of dental implants on people's lives, instilling a renewed sense of confidence and improving their overall quality of life.

Understanding the Procedure: Simplified Guide

Understanding the dental implant procedure is key to feeling comfortable and confident about the process. Here's a simplified step-by-step guide:

1.Consultation: Your journey begins with a detailed consultation at Skypointe Dental. The dentist assesses your oral health and discusses your needs.

2. Preparation: If necessary, a preparatory procedure, like bone grafting, is performed to ensure a solid foundation for the implant.

3. Implant Placement: A titanium post, serving as the new tooth's root, is carefully placed into the jawbone.

4. Healing: The implant integrates with your bone, a process that may take a few months. Temporary teeth might be provided for use during this period.

5. Abutment Fitting: Once healed, an abutment, which holds the new tooth, is attached to the implant.

6. New Tooth: Finally, a custom-made crown, resembling your natural teeth, is placed on the abutment.

Each step is performed with the utmost care, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Skypointe Dental's advanced technology and expertise make this a smooth and reassuring experience.

Cultural Sensitivity and Personalized Care

At Skypointe Dental, the commitment to culturally sensitive care is a cornerstone of their practice. Understanding the diverse needs of Calgary NE's Arabic, Punjabi, and Hindi-speaking communities, the clinic offers language support to ensure clear communication and comfort for all patients. This approach extends beyond language, embracing cultural nuances in healthcare, which fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Personalized care at Skypointe Dental means respecting and understanding each patient's unique background, ensuring that every visit is not just a dental appointment but a culturally attuned healthcare experience.

We warmly invite the Calgary NE community to explore the world of dental implants with Skypointe Dental. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to your unique needs. Whether you seek more information or wish to schedule a consultation, our doors are open.

Join us at Skypointe Dental, where your journey to a brighter smile and renewed confidence begins. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Dental Implants Calgary NE

Many people wonder what the exact pricing for dental implants is. The one and only answer is: There is no such thing as an “exact” price for dental implants. The main reasons why dental implants are at the higher end of the cost spectrum are:

  • Complexity of (surgical) treatment
  • High end materials
  • Intensive procedure
  • Specialized skills
  • Amount of posts and crowns

The cost can vary per dentist, city, province, or country. Also, pricing of a single dental implant will vary depending on an individual’s condition, wants, and needs.

However, the specific cost of dental implants treatment needs to be discussed in advance so you know exactly what to count on. SkyPointe always offers a preliminary consultation, to explain all possibilities, the treatment process, and the expected results.

In other words: The average cost of a dental implant is not defined by any regulation. Dentists in different parts of Canada simply have different pricing for dental implants. A dental implant procedure usually includes the implant (artificial tooth root), the abutment (support post), and the dental crown (false tooth).

Dental implants cost can also depend on personal health conditions.

Why choose dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, you might be living with an unflattering smile which affects your self confidence. With missing teeth, your remaining teeth tend to shift to move into the space. When that happens, missing teeth can create problems for your bite, harmful wear on your teeth and headaches, even leading to TMJ.

Missing teeth also create bone loss in your jaw. For these reasons, dental implants Calgary NE are an excellent solution as they stabilize your teeth, preserve a correct bite, enable you to eat just about anything, and they prevent jawbone loss.

Another bonus of dental implants is that they support your facial features and help prevent sunken cheeks which age you. They are a permanent, and more attractive solution than dentures, and they give you a better smile.


What is the process for dental implants?

dental implants ne calgary

We need to make sure you are a good candidate for dental implants by determining if you have sufficient bone in the jaw support an implant. For patients who lack enough jawbone, we can do a bone graft to build up the area where the implant will go, which adds a step to the process.

For dental implant surgery, the next step is to screw a titanium post into your jawbone and allow it time to integrate with the bone. Meanwhile, we attach a lightweight temporary crown to the top of the post which allows the healing to occur over a couple of weeks. Then a permanent natural-looking tooth coloured crown is attached to the post and you have your beautiful new tooth.

Some patients have multiple missing teeth, and dental implants are a great solution for them as well. Dental implants require little maintenance and can last a long time. You don’t have to worry about them sliding or moving when you chew, as they fully restore the function of your lost tooth or teeth. Dr. Patel can answer all your questions about the process, the timeline, and the results you can expect with your implants.

So, is dental implant surgery really worth it?

Considering the durability, look, feel, and functionality, dental implants are without a doubt the best solution for missing teeth. A dental implant truly replaces the original tooth and ensures that your other teeth won’t shift, because of the open space in between.

Dental implants are a long-term option that can last for the rest of your life. Yes indeed, dental implants are not cheap. But cheap solutions are usually not the best anyway.

When you desire new teeth that

  • Look like real teeth
  • Feel like real teeth – and
  • Work like real teeth

dental implants are your best option.

What our patients say

How to select the right dentist for dental implants? It’s simple: Just check us out!

calgary ne dental implants

At Skypointe Dental, we believe that getting dental implants should be clear, simple, and affordable for everyone. Dr. Jay Patel and his team are eager to welcome you to our clinic. Everyone is important to us, no matter who you are.

SkyPointe Dental has the experience to provide you with quality dental implants. We have treated hundreds of patients who chose dental implants as the optimal teeth replacement solution. We understand your needs. We understand the consideration process. We understand your financial involvement.

Most of all, we understand you. Because we truly care about your well-being.

You should not have any difficulty finding the best implant dentist for your needs

We understand that choosing the right implants dentist for you can be confusing, complex, and cost critical. To provide you with more insight,

Here’s our track record

  • Hundreds of Happy Dental Implant Patients
  • Latest Dental Technologies Available
  • 100% Certified and Ongoing Education
  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
  • Known for friendliness and Comfort
  • We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide
  • YOU tell us what you’re comfortable with, then YOU decide

We believe that the entire dental implants treatment process should be clear, simple, and as affordable as possible

Every day when you look in the mirror, you ask yourself, “What can I do about my smile?” You have missing teeth, but you don’t want dentures. Dental implants seem like the right choice, but you have many questions.

The main one is, are they too expensive? Does every dentist provide dental implants? Finding a dentist who does dental implants and who can answer your questions might be a challenge.

Perhaps you are wondering if implants are considered to be major dental surgery? Are there options to being sedated? Will the dentures look real? Do different dentists have different prices for dental implants? Will your insurance pay for the cost of implants or only a portion? Can you finance your implant treatments?

These are all common questions that people have when considering implants.

Dental implant treatment can be scary, confusing, and expensive!

At Skypointe Dental, we believe that dental implant treatment should be comfortable, clear, and affordable! Dr. Jay Patel has years of experience and provides dental implant treatment using cutting-edge dental technology.

He and his team have treated hundreds of happy patients with dental plants and they know the dramatic difference implants can make to your self-confidence and your oral health. We understand the dental implant treatment process is by far the best option for the majority of patients who are missing teeth.

About Dental Implants

dental implants ne calgary

There are several reasons why patients end up losing teeth. Tooth decay, gum disease, infection, or trauma to the mouth are the main causes. Missing teeth change your smile and dental implants are one of several solutions to restore your smile.

No one should leave gaps from missing teeth unaddressed and here’s why. Your self-image, your ability to chew food properly, your bite, and jawbone health can all be impacted by missing teeth.

Dental implants are an alternative to having dentures or bridges. They are titanium posts that are inserted beneath the gum tissue into your jawbone to support an artificial replacement tooth. If there are multiple teeth missing, a crown, partial denture, or fixed bridge, can be firmly attached to dental implants as well.

Using x-rays of your teeth and jawbone, we can quickly determine if you are a candidate for dental implants and what the best solution is for your missing teeth.

Here are 3 simple steps to fixing your missing teeth:

  1. Let’s have a meet and greet.
  2. Let’s create a plan for you.
  3. Enjoy your newly improved smile.

Skypointe Dental Implants: Comfortable – Natural-looking – Affordable

Don’t go for “Hiding your smile”!

  • Stop delaying a plan to fix your missing teeth
  • Lose your fears about implant surgery
  • Ditch confusion about pricing
  • End worrying about the cost of dental implants
  • Quit feeling insecure about your smile

Go for “Showing your smile”!

  • Take charge of your dental problem
  • Relax knowing more about the surgery
  • Learn how the pricing works
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Enjoy new confidence with your new smile

Let Dr. Patel at Skypointe Dental restore your smile from “hiding” to “showing!”

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