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You probably don’t realize that using your dental insurance benefits before the end of the year can save you hundreds of dollars! While the majority of dental plans run on a calendar year, there are some that run fiscally dependent on different situations. At Skypointe Dental in Calgary NE, we have compiled 5 different reasons why using your benefits before the end of the calendar year will save you time and money.

1. Dental Insurance Maximum

Your dental insurance plan likely has a yearly maximum. This amount is what your dental insurance plan has agreed to pay up to for the year. Most people have an average of $1,000 per year, per person, but this can vary by insurance company. If you have any unused benefits, they do not rollover to the next year, so it is wise to plan ahead before your calendar or fiscal year ends.

2. Dental Insurance Deductible

Most insurance companies requires a deductible to be paid out of pocket to your dentist, before your insurance company will pay for any services. Depending on your plan and the dentist you choose, your deductible can vary in amount, however average deductibles are around $50 per year. When plans roll over to a new year, your deductible will also be reset.

3. Dental Insurance Premiums

You are paying dental premiums each and every month, and you should be taking full advantage of them. If you don’t think you require dental treatment, coming in every six months for a dental cleaning at Skypointe Dental in Calgary NE is great for maintaining your oral health and preventing future dental problems.

4. About Your Dental Insurance

We ask that you realize that we do not work for an insurance company. Rather, we work 100% for our amazing patients (like you)! At Skypointe Dental in Calgary NE we feel that insurance is a great benefit for many patients and want you to know we will do everything in our power to ensure you get every benefit allotted in your insurance contact.

Our team members are highly trained to do the best to assist you with your benefits and needs. However, the treatment we recommend and the fees we charge will always be based on your individual needs, not your insurance coverage.

5. Dental Problems Can Worsen

If you still have benefits available before the end of the year, book yourself in for an appointment at Skypointe Dental in Calgary NE. Delaying treatment can mean that you will encounter more expensive and extensive treatment in the future.

Call Skypointe Dental and schedule an appointment now, so that cavities and other minor issues can be treated rather than them turning into larger problems.

Taking care of our dental health is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. However, the cost of dental services often deters people from seeking professional dental care. Promoting access to dental care is why affordable dentistry is vital for Calgary and everywhere else.

Affordable dentistry not only helps make it easier for people to access services like dental cleanings but also promotes preventive dental health practices. Skypointe Dental offers 10% off dental hygiene services and provides dental financing. Talk to our team for solutions that can help you get the dental care you need.

Why Affordable Dentistry Matters

Affordable dentistry helps people access services like family dental care without having to worry about how their lives may be affected by the cost of those services. Greater accessibility and affordability help make it possible for people to prioritize their oral health rather than putting it off until they can afford it.

Providing affordable dental services promotes preventive dental care practices too. When patients can access affordable dental services, they may be more likely to get regular checkups, cleanings, and necessary dental treatments before minor problems spiral into massive dental procedures.

Greater accessibility for preventive care means dental issues can be addressed early, which helps reduce the need for more expensive treatments later. Affordable dentistry also encourages people to take an active role in their dental health by providing education on oral hygiene and preventive care practices.

How to Find Affordable Dental Services in Calgary

Affordable Dental Care at Skypointe Dental

At Skypointe Dental, we offer a 10% discount for dental hygiene services and flexible financing options to keep critical dental services within your reach. Financing plans allow you to pay for services over time, rather than all at once, to help make dental care expenses more manageable.

Dental Financing Options

Like a loan, payment plans allow you to get the work you need promptly without worrying about finances. With payments as little as $30 a month and interest rates as low as 0%, you can access the care you need without penalty.

Not all dental financing options are the same, and your individual situation may influence your choices. We can help you explore your options for dental financing through LendCare to help you and your family get the care you need.

Insurance Plans

If you have individual or employee health insurance, investigate your dental coverage to maximize your dental services. Dental coverage plans are designed to reduce the overall cost of dental care. Take some time to understand the scope of your coverage, from basic dental care to more complex procedures, so you know what your out-of-pocket expenses may be.

To make things easier, Skypointe Dental offers direct billing for insurance plans, and we can take the time to answer your questions about dental fees and procedures.

A dentist preparing to clean a female patient's teeth at the dentist.

How to Maintain Good Dental Health on a Budget

Maintaining good dental health doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy without breaking the bank. Start by prioritizing preventive care with positive oral hygiene habits, including:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Brushing your tongue
  • Using antibacterial mouthwash daily

A proactive oral care routine can prevent the need for more expensive dental treatments later on. You can also focus on making healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent dental issues like cavities and gum disease, such as:

  • Avoiding sugary drinks and snacks
  • Quitting smoking

Don’t neglect regular dental checkups and cleanings. These appointments help detect dental issues early on and prevent the need for more expensive treatments later.

Benefits of Affordable Dentistry

Affordable dentistry has many benefits for both individuals and communities. Access to affordable dental services allows people to prioritize their oral health, which can improve overall well-being.

When you avoid necessary dental work, you may experience:

  • Unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • More expensive dental problems in the future
  • Increased anxiety about potential dental costs

Taking control of your oral health can start with strategies for stopping your finances from standing in the way of getting the treatment you need.

Affordable dentistry can also help ease public health systems by addressing dental issues before they become severe medical issues. And it can improve the overall health and happiness of communities by promoting good oral health practices.

Access Affordable Dental Solutions at Skypointe Dental

Don't be uncomfortable asking about alternative payment options for dental care. We know how difficult it can be to get affordable dental care without financial pressure—but we also know that getting dental care is vital for your overall well-being.

Through affordable dentistry, we strive to promote access to dental care and preventive dental health practices. Accessing affordable dental services in Calgary is possible—contact Skypointe Dental to find the right methods for accessing necessary dental treatments, easing the potential financial burden of dental care, and maximizing your insurance coverage. 

Maintaining good dental health is possible on a budget when you practice positive oral hygiene at home, but you should still make healthy lifestyle choices and prioritize regular checkups to help keep your mouth and body healthy too.

An older woman smiling and making a heart shape with her hands

At our dental clinic in Calgary we believe that affordable dentistry should be accessible to everyone.

Taking proper care of your teeth, great dental hygiene and compassionate dental care shouldn't be a challenge to achieve because of financial obstacles. 

Affordable Dental Solutions in Calgary

#1. $1 Dental Exams in Calgary, NE

Yes, you read that right! You can receive a comprehensive $1 dental exam at our dental office in Calgary, NE.

In this exam, your teeth, gums and oral health will be screened for underlying or potential issues. This can help you address dental health issues before they worsen and become expensive to treat.

We will happily accept your current x-rays or take new ones for you at an additional charge.

At SkyPointe Dental, we follow the Alberta Dental Association and College's 2022 Fee Guide for your reference.

#2. Payment Plans

To offer affordable dentistry in Calgary, we are a proud Pay360 provider. Pay360 is a secure payment platform that allows you to pay for dental services in equal payments over time.

With this system, patients across Calgary NE in communities such as Skyview, Skypointe, Country Hills, Redstone, Cityscape, Cornerstone, and Cornerbrook can access dental treatments more easily.   

#3. Practice Preventative Dentistry

A solid dental hygiene routine can make a significant difference to your oral health.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends brushing 2 times a day for a minimum of two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Flossing once a day is also necessary to keep your gums healthy and clear of gum disease, like gingivitis.

Being mindful of your caffeine and sugar intake can also help prevent staining and cavity development.

A young woman smiling towards the camera

Skypointe Dental is your affordable dentist near you!

When possible, see your affordable dentist in Calgary, NE for teeth cleanings every six months.

This is a great opportunity to catch early signs of tooth decay, cavities or other issues while protecting against them. You can also learn new oral hygiene skills to better your everyday routine!

Contact us today for more information about our affordable dentistry at SkyPointe Dental in Calgary.

Flexible Payment Solutions in Calgary NE

Thousands of Canadians and their families have been put through the wringer over the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn it’s caused. While many individuals have adapted to the “new normal” quite well, many are left picking and choosing what they deem is financially essential, especially for their health and well-being.

Unfortunately, many individuals have decided that their dental needs simply aren’t a priority, which can lead to a dental emergency. Don’t tell yourself you can’t afford a dentist! With Skypointe Dental flexible payment solutions, you don’t have to wait for emergency dental treatment.

Meet Dr. Patel and Skypointe Dental’s Flexible Payment Solutions

If you’ve recently looked up “affordable dentist near me”, then you’ve likely decided that it’s time to stop putting off your dental needs. If you’re looking for an affordable dentist with easy payment plans, then Dr. Jay Patel and the Skypointe Dental team is here to help. Times are hard for Canadians everywhere – but that’s not slowing down Dr. Patel and his team.

As a family man and practice owner, Dr. Patel understands just how critical your family’s dental care is. While money may be tight for many, he wants his patients to know that he is here to help by providing a variety of Skypointe Dental flexible payment solutions based on your treatment and financial needs.

Can’t Afford a Dentist? Think Again

Are you always telling yourself that you can’t afford a dentist? That simply isn’t true, not with the many Skypointe Dental flexible payment solutions available.

If you require dental work but are short on money, Dr. Patel is more than happy to work with you. Once you’re ready to address your dental needs, this is the process you’ll go through:

Discuss Your Dental Needs

Before any payment plan is discussed, Dr. Patel and his team will sit down and discuss with you any issues or concerns you may have regarding your oral health.

Before discussing treatment options, you’ll likely need to have an exam done of your mouth and teeth. This allows the team to really get down to the root of your dental problems. You may also need to have some dental x-rays done to check for any issues below your gum line.

Our Team Will Discuss Your Options

Once your dental team has all the necessary information and has had a chance to physically look in your mouth and/or at any x-rays, they’ll be able to start formulating a treatment plan.

They will then sit down with you, talk about any conditions with you at length, and explore how they can address it.

We’ll Create a Flexible Payment Plan to Suit Your Needs

flexible payment solutions

After having a chance to sit down and discuss all your treatment options with either Dr. Patel or the skilled team at Skypointe Dental, it’s up to you to decide if you are ready to agree to any procedure. If you are, but money is a concern – we can work with you.

Depending on the work you need, we may be able to break this up into several procedures over time, which would help you break down the overall costs. We can also talk about your current financial situation. Depending on your specific case, we can set up a flexible payment solution that fits you.

If you’re comfortable moving forward with the payment plan discussed, then we can move forward with your procedure!

Skypointe Dental – Your Affordable Dentist in Calgary

At Skypointe Dental, flexible payment solutions allow our clients to get the necessary dental work they need in a timely manner.

As a prominent dental practice in Country Hills, we firmly believe that a patient shouldn’t have to put off their oral health needs simply because money may be an issue. The longer a patient must wait, the worse their oral health becomes, which can play a significant role in their overall health and their immune system’s integrity.

Now is not the time to put your health at further risk.

If you or a loved one need dental work and are experiencing financial difficulty, please reach out to
our team at Skypointe Dental. A flexible payment solution could get you the care you need.

Looking for a Calgary Dentist that Follows a Fee Guide?

alberta dental fee guide

It’s no secret that healthcare expenses are just that – expensive.

Unfortunately, residents of Alberta seem to pay way more than neighboring provinces when it comes to their dental costs. Back in 2017, The Globe and Mail reported that Alberta residents pay up to 44% more for their dental work than other provinces.

Because of this, the Alberta Dental Association implemented a suggested fee guide to help offset some of the costs of care for patients. However, not every dentist in NE Calgary follows that guide. Why is that and how can you find a Calgary dentist that follows the fee guide?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide: Why Doesn’t Every Dentist in NE Calgary Follow It?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a recommended price list for dentists. Outlined within the guide are over 1600 procedures and what the Alberta Dental Association thinks dentists should charge for them.

Again, this is just a price recommendation list, which means a dentist in Country Hills is not required to follow it. If your dentist doesn’t follow the fee guide, you’ll have to pay whatever prices they charge.

If you’re not willing or able to pay beyond the price points outlined in the price guide, you may decide to look for a Calgary dentist that follows the fee guide.

Skypointe Dental: A Calgary Dentist That Follows the Fee Guide

The team at Skypointe Dental understands what it’s like to have a tight budget. Skypointe Dental understands people have to “shop around” for the best prices when it comes to dental treatments, which is why the office adheres closely to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Sticking to the guide allows the team at Skypointe Dental to take care of patients and offer exceptional, thorough care. When people refuse dental treatments – or seeing their dentist entirely – because of cost, there’s a big problem at hand.

The Skypointe Dental team always puts their patients first, which in this case, means adhering to affordable fees.

Choose a Dentist in Country Hills That Puts You First

Are you searching for a Calgary dentist that follows the fee guide? Look no further. Not only do we stick to the fee guide, but we also work with your insurance company to ensure you get quality care at a fair price.

At Skypointe Dental, you can be sure that your needs will be cared for with excellence – and without breaking the bank!

Do you have questions about the Alberta Dental Fee Guide? We’re happy to help. Contact us today to discuss your concerns or schedule a consultation.

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