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25 August 2022

Can You Fix Broken Dentures?

Things break all the time. Yes, even dentures!

If you have broken or damaged dentures, try not to worry. Your dentist can easily repair your dentures for you and have you back to your regular life in no time. 

However, if you’re a bit pinched for time or unable to get to your dentist, you can perform a temporary repair at home. Always make sure to see your dentist, even with a temporary repair, to ensure your dentures are functioning properly. 

Do My Dentures Need Fixing?

Dentures can last up to 10 years with the proper care. However, even the most durable dentures will need to be replaced eventually. 

Even if your dentures don’t need to be repaired or replaced, visiting your dentist regularly can help protect your oral health and ensure your dentures are functioning properly. 

If your dentures have damage, such as chipping or cracking, or your dentures have physically broken, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. Additionally, if you notice your dentures feel loose or uncomfortable in your mouth, contact your dentist for an appointment.

While the best course of action is to see your dentist, you can do a temporary fix at home on your dentures while you wait to see your dentist.

Causes of Broken Dentures

Dentures can break for many reasons. Whether it’s general wear and tear or a case of the butterfingers (it happens to all of us), dentures can break. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s very common and generally quick for your dentist to fix. 

Getting your dentures fixed sooner rather than later is important not only for your comfort, but to prevent sores, irritation, and other oral health issues.

Temporarily Fix Your Dentures at Home

You can temporarily fix your dentures at home. 

It’s incredibly important that you call your dentist as soon as you can to get your dentures repaired properly. These temporary fixes are okay for a day or 2, but the sooner you can get your dentures fixed the right way, the more comfortable you’ll be. 

Denture Repair Kits

Most drug and grocery stores carry denture repair kits. These kits may be marketed as permanent solutions, but it’s still very important for your oral health to get your dentures professionally repaired or replaced.

These kits usually come with a few tools and glue to help fix your dentures. You can view this video for some visual help in fixing your dentures.

Other Methods

In a real emergency, you could try super glue to fix your broken dentures. Super glue can keep your dentures together for a few days if you’re unable to get to your dentist. 

When you apply the glue to your dentures, be sure to let the glue dry fully. Super glue can be slightly toxic, which is why you must be careful to let it dry. You shouldn’t eat with your dentures if you’ve used super glue, either. 

An older man at the dentist's office with a new top denture in his hand, and the dentist is giving a thumbs-up

How To Prevent Denture Damage

While denture wear and tear is inevitable, you can practice a few habits to keep your dentures looking and functioning their best.

  • Always store your dentures in clean, warm water
  • Use a towel over your sink/counter when cleaning your dentures
  • Clean your dentures every day 
  • Never use hot or boiling water on your dentures 
  • Always rinse your dentures thoroughly after eating

If you find your dentures are breaking or becoming damaged more regularly, you may want to consult with your dentist about other options. Advancements in dental technology have created more options for patients who need dentures or dental implants. 

Implant-supported dentures could be a more lifestyle-friendly option if you find your dentures always seem to need fixing. Contact our office to learn more about your options. 

Get Your Dentures Fixed ASAP

Broken or damaged dentures? We can help. Give us a call today to get your dentures repaired ASAP.

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