Some parents think they don’t need to take their child to see a family dentist in Calgary until they have their permanent teeth in. 

After all, baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway, so why do they need to see a dentist before that happens?

Failing to invest in children’s preventative dentistry can lead to painful consequences that your child doesn’t need to experience. 

What Happens If Kids Don’t Go to a Children’s Family Dentist in Calgary Early? 

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child’s first dental appointment be within six months of getting their first tooth. Your baby’s first tooth will typically erupt around the age of six months. 

Why Do Kids Need to See a Dentist So Soon?

Issues can develop quickly with primary dentition. The enamel layer of baby teeth is thinner than that of permanent teeth. Therefore, decay can quickly spread through the tooth and lead to nerve damage and pain. 

In Calgary, where a majority of the population opted out of having fluoride in their water, has seen an influx of teeth decay in children.

Besides the anatomy of primary teeth, another common reason why kids’ teeth decay so easily is that they’re often put to sleep with bottles containing milk or juice. The sugars in these drinks release an acid that breaks down enamel causing rampant decay called baby bottle syndrome. Please do not do this, to learn more talk to Dr. Patel and the staff at Skypointe Dental.

Other issues can result if not caught early as well, including tooth and jaw misalignment. Crooked teeth might not seem like a big deal and may even seem cute on a little kid. However, an aligned bite distributes bite pressure evenly to all teeth, misaligned teeth can lead to a painful condition such as:

  • Grinding
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Difficulty eating/chewing
  • Cracks, chips and fractures

All of these issues can impact a child’s dental health now, as well as during their adult years. 

Children’s Preventative Dentistry – 5 Ways Your Dentist Can Help

Thankfully, a children’s family dentist in Calgary like Dr. Jay Patel can take steps to protect your child’s teeth. 

1. Dental Cleanings

While daily dental home care is vital to your child’s health, getting regular dental cleanings are important as well. Once plaque calcifies (tartar/calculus), the only way it can be removed is with professional dental tools. A good cleaning and coronal polish will remove all plaque and tartar. 

2. Regular Exams

Six-month exams, along with dental x-rays, help us catch decay and gum disease in the early stages. Not only will this prevent painful infections, but it will also make removing decay and filling the teeth so much easier. In fact, in some cases, the decay might be so shallow that anesthetic isn’t necessary. 

3. Sealants 

Kids tend to have deep grooves in their back teeth. When your child eats (particularly sticky, sugary foods), it’s difficult to clean these grooves. Food that’s left behind will break down and cause decay. Filling the deepest grooves with sealant material can reduce your child’s risk of dental decay. 

4. Early Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes, a child loses a tooth before the adult tooth is ready to come into the mouth. A Calgary family dentist like Dr. Jay Patel can place a space maintainer, an orthodontic device that will prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and filling the space. If this were to happen, there might not be enough room for the permanent teeth to come in.

If your child does have anatomical anomalies, like an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, Dr. Jay can provide orthodontic treatment (or refer to a quality orthodontist) who can correct their bite. 

5. Dental Hygiene Instructions

One of the most important things a child’s family dentist can do is provide good oral hygiene instructions. The instructions will help you and your child properly brush and floss, reducing their risk of decay. Home care instructions will also instill in your child the importance of dental home care so they’re more likely to care for their teeth as teens and adults. 

Dental Visits Should Be Fun and Comfortable for Kids

Dr. Jay Patel has your child’s comfort and safety at the forefront of his mind whenever he meets with pediatric patients. When you visit Skypointe Dental, you’ll note the relaxing atmosphere and kind, caring, and compassionate dental team – all of which will ease your mind and that of your child. 

In addition to keeping kids calm in the dental chair, Dr. Patel and his team create a fun environment. The more fun your kids have at the dentist, the more they’re going to enjoy coming every six months. 

The Skypointe Dental team is committed to caring for and educating kids from an early age so they can become adults that make their dental health a priority. 

Has it been a while since your little one has seen a family dentist? Contact us today to get scheduled right away.  

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